Cost Benchmarking

Cost Benchmarking



Baromitr provides a white-labeled platform for organizations looking to launch an cost benchmarking software product.
Baromitr benchmarking software
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Improve Business Profitability

Most businesses often lack the benchmark insights needed to drive better performance.
Baromitr is the only software platform designed for peer benchmarking insights.

Launch a Full-Featured, Managed Software Product

Quality software execution is expensive – in direct costs and time – and often fails.
Versus building software yourself, save 90% of the time at a lower total cost point.

Create a Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Your competition is using similar tactics and methods. It’s hard to stand out.
Baromitr enables a unique, high value offering. Launch your competitive advantage.

Ready-to-Go Cost Benchmarking Software

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Common Cost Metrics for Benchmarking

Gross Profit Margin

The gross profit margin is a key indicator of a company’s profitability.

Employee Cost per Unit

In addition to material costs, proper cost accounting for relative employee costs of production is critical.

Operating Profit Margin

The operating profit margin, when benchmarked, is a more extensive picture of organizational profitability.

# Reworks

How successful is your production capability? Are you reworking more units than your peers?

Transfer Prices

An internal cost in larger organizations, the transfer price is a critical data point to understand cost distribution strategy.

% Rework Costs to Total Costs

Diving deeper into rework, benchmarking rework as a % of total costs is an important metric.

Material Cost per Unit

In production-centric environments, the material costs could be the number one cost driver.

% Purchase Price Variance

In organizations with purchase price expectations and standards, tracking actual paid price will provide critical insights.

Comprehensive Cost Benchmarking Software

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Compliance, Security and Anonymity

Baromitr was purpose-built as software to unlock peer insights. That includes critical features built around anti-trust compliance, data security and member anonymity.

Data Delivery, Transformation and Quality

Organizations rarely store data the same way or use the same naming standards. That’s why Baromitr has critical features that enable data delivery via simple survey, detailed manual entry, flat file upload and API as well as features that power data transformation and normalization.

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Clear Performance Trends and KPI Setting

With data supplied and structured, benchmark insights are delivered to members in an update frequency of your choosing. Once logged in, users see a platform that clearly and simply communicates relative performance, quickly becoming a critical source of insights to drive performance improvements in their organization.

User and Billing Management

A true software platform requires features like user management, authorization, automated notifications, billing, access controls and more. No Excel files here, just true software to make automation and scale possible.

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And we support you every step of the way

Research &

We work closely with your team to finalize product details

Build &

Baromitr builds your cost benchmarking platform

Go-to-Market &
Customer Success

Baromitr provides website, email and support after launch
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What types of organizations can use Baromitr?





Peer Advisory Groups

Private Equity

Venture Capital

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"Baromitr allowed us to launch a long-targeted subscription, software product. Additionally, this allowed us to take hundreds of hours per year of work off our plate."

Baromitr Financial Benchmarking
Josh Nickell
CEO, PeerTech

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