That’s So Epic: New Sponsor Controls

That’s So Epic: New Sponsor Controls


Group Sponsors! This one’s for you.

As our product has grown, the responsibilites of our Group Sponsors has increased. The addition and maintenance users – previously done by Baromitr admins, only – was a process that is best done by Group Sponsors (those running the Baromitr groups, directly).

Today we’re happy to announce the launch of new controls that allow Group Sponsors to directly maintain user lists, as well as address any data issues that may arise.

New User Controls

The new user controls allow Group Sponsors to add and edit both Standard Member users and Observer user.

See the image below for a snapshot, or dive into the new, detailed product guide.

New Clear Data Controls

We have many new means for users to only put in good data, but once in a while, users may accidentally sign off if data is slightly incorrect. Up to now, it’s required a request to Baromitr admins to modify. Now you, the Group Sponsor, have the ability to clear data from a user’s account as well as roll back the status of their data submission.

Check out our detailed product guide on this new feature.

With tons of new features and controls in this epic, our Group Sponsors now have everything they need to more quickly maintain user access and user data.

The Baromitr Product Team

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