That’s So Epic: Data Quality Controls

That’s So Epic: Data Quality Controls


Have you ever made a typo and didn’t catch it until it was too late? 

Have you ever mixed up your columns/rows in Excel and didn’t realize it until after your calculations were completed?

Managing data quality is a hard task. As Baromitr has grown, so have the complexities of the data being collected and benchmarked by groups. With more data being collected more frequently, small data errors can have a huge impact on the benchmarks. 

Today we’re happy to announce the launch of new features that provide groups with enhanced controls for ensuring data quality when adding their data.

Here’s what’s new:

  • New Field-Specific Quality Rules and Conditions
  • New Review interface for Members to review and edit records before submission

New Quality Rules and Conditions

The most efficient way to boost data quality is to provide feedback at point of entry. A new rules interface has been added to Baromitr, giving Group Sponsors the ability to set relational rules for every input variable.

These rules come in two variations: Mandatory and Optional.

Mandatory rules, as the name suggests, are critical errors which cannot be allowed into the benchmarks. During manual entry, these rules will appear in bright red beneath any field that violates the mandatory rule conditions. Users will not be allowed to add any more data until these errors are corrected.

Mandatory rules are critical and must be corrected.
You shall not pass!

It is important to remember that not all outliers are errors. Sometimes a value which appears incorrect is true, and should be counted in the benchmarks. To that end, Optional rules may be established for any field. During manual entry, these rules will appear in yellow beneath any field that violates the optional rule conditions. Users are able to ignore these errors if their data is truly accurate.

Optional rules may be ignored by the user.
They’re more like guidelines.

New Review Interface

With the addition of these data quality rules, Baromitr users now have a greater need for detailed review of their data submissions. To make that easier, we have released an expanded Review Interface which now includes the ability to edit submissions directly from the review interface.

This interface also doubles as a last-chance review of any data quality rules. Just as in the manual entry interface, any entries which violate a Mandatory rule must be corrected before the User can sign-off. 

With tons of new capabilities to assist with managing data quality, Group Sponsors and Members can now spend less time worrying about the manual entry process and spend more time digging into the benchmark insights.

Until next time!

The Baromitr Product Team

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