That’s So Epic: External Manual Entry

That’s So Epic: External Manual Entry

Baromitr Product News
Baromitr Product News

Our “That’s So Epic” posts walk through the engineering and development stories behind new features.

“So…do we use you instead of them? Or use you for some projects and them for others? Or do you integrate with them?”

This was a prospective team looking through the Baromitr product offerings, referring to a beloved simian-themed survey tool that’s currently very popular in market.

It stayed with the analytics and business teams long after that conference call ended. Baromitr had been designed from the ground up to be a respondent-centric benchmarking tool, but it appeared that our security and analytics requirements were making it too hard to respond in single-entry, high-volume-required groups.

So we got to work – and it was epic.

We began with the design inspiration that users want a simple, streamlined survey experience that is as easy to submit from your phone as from your triple-threat daisy-chained monitors at your workstation.

From there, we recognized that the point of submission needed to be outside of the Baromitr registration process for ease of access, so we had to build data mechanisms which would allow us to accept anonymous submissions. New controls and flags on the backend would have to provide protection against duplication, malicious submissions, and persona controls, especially where our auto-calculation and anonymization processes come into play. Looking over all of this, we concluded we would need a way to quickly test all of the possible pipelines through which members and their data would enter Baromitr and ensure that group data volume and accuracy were maximized.

Lastly, we realized that many of these controls needed to be democratized and made available to Group Sponsors. They know their member communities best and have the clearest vision for what the Group should accomplish.

Over the course of our External Manual Entry epic, we focused on keeping the user experience a priority. We added differentiators of field descriptions vs. database names, improved the auto-calculation process to accommodate the more diverse data types required by a survey-type experience, and modified the Sponsor and Admin interfaces to ensure smooth cloning and recreation of best practices between groups.

We’re excited for the Baromitr user community to experience External Manual Entry, and we hope it brings you even greater insight in benchmarking yourself to your peers.

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