That’s So Epic: “This Instance” View + Custom BI Dashboards

That’s So Epic: “This Instance” View + Custom BI Dashboards

Baromitr is proud to announce our new launch of a new major feature set to make it easier than ever to understand peer-based performance – the “This Instance” View. Over the past few months we’ve heard from our users of a need for more, clearer detail on the performance of the instance update that just took place. With that, we went to the drawing board and launch a new view – “This Instance” (creative, right?) – along with several other new features.

Here’s what’s new:

  • “Detailed Insights” is now “Performance Insights”
  • New “This Instance” graph
  • New Filter Controls to Display/Hide Specific Graphs
  • Launch of New Custom, Embedded BI Dashboard Capability

“Detailed Insights” -> “Performance Insights”

new performance insights navigation on baromitr

Baromitr’s visualization features are really all about “performance” – how you are doing, often relative to the others in your group. It only made sense to switch from “Detailed Insights” to “Performance Insights”.

New “This Instance” Graph

The focus of this epic, we have added a new view – “This Instance” – visible next to our existing “Trend View” and “Goal View” tabs. See below.

Within this new tab, we have the new graph visualizations that focus on analyzing the performance of the respective metric for just this, single instance.

It contains all of the information from our “Goal View” table view, just repackaged in a focused graph visualization.

Going forward, this view will be the primary view available in the first and second instance, with the Trend View tab not turning on until the third instance update, when trending information is really beginning to be valuable.

New Filter Controls to Display/Hide Specific Graphs

As the layout of our pages changed, we saw a need for increased filter controls. This expansion of real estate meant the old location for filters – horizontally, above the graphs – no longer made sense.

As a result, we have brought the controls to hide/display specific graphs to the left side of each view.

Launch of Custom, Embedded BI Dashboard Option

For situations where Baromitr is being used for internal purposes – portfolio companies, divisions within a larger company – and desired insights are built on top of the raw, non-benchmarked data, we have a new capability to embed custom BI dashboards using this data.

Supply embed code from common BI dashboard systems – PowerBI, Google Data Studio, Tableau, etc – in an optional new “BI Dashboard” tab.

And that wraps up this epic’s feature set. Overall, we focused on launching a round of visualization options that enable a clearer understanding of the current instance update as well as the launch of a new, embeddable BI dashboard capability.

Until next time!
The Baromitr Product Team

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