That’s So Epic: Recalculate Filters

That’s So Epic: Recalculate Filters


Baromitr is proud to announce the launch of a major new feature set which enables a richer and more interactive data experience – Recalculation Filters

Baromitr was originally designed around speed and stability, with a single sub-metric filtered and segmented for each graph. Over time, as customers spent more time interacting with the platform and their analytics grew more and more expansive, we realized that adding more graphs to cover additional segmentation was not an effective (or scalable) solution. So we went to the drawing board and the Recalculate Filters were born.

Use Recalculate Filters to take a deeper dive into Baromitr group data.

The focus of this epic, these filters allow users to filter the data in the benchmark calculations to provide a more granular analysis of their performance. The filter fields are chosen by the group sponsor based on the design of the data entry schema. 

Relying on data security and compliance best practices, the new Recalculate Filters also come with enhanced error messages, alerting users when data cannot be displayed due to the data minimum requirements set by their group sponsor. This is based on proven anonymity concepts, which you can learn about in greater detail here.

The filters work on both the current time period (This Instance) and the Trend View experience. Additionally, these Recalculate Filters can be used in Goal View to isolate critical KPIs with more granular focus.

Using Recalculate Filters in Goal View reveals new insights from group benchmark KPIs.

That wraps up this epic’s feature set, and our current focus on data visualizations which began with building This Instance. We focused on making it easier to extract insights from group data, and ensuring Baromitr groups are even more successful.

Until next time!

The Baromitr Product Team

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