Release 20.23.2 (June 7th 2020)

Release 20.23.2 (June 7th 2020)

Baromitr Product News
Baromitr Product News


  • Overall, there were small changes that are part 1 of a 3 part major enhancement to the customer interface to enhance visualizations. This visualization enhancement will launch a new “This Instance” view, which focuses on new ways of visualizing instance data. Additionally, enhancements were made to optimize the mobile experience, although it’s still recommended that Baromitr is best experienced on desktop.
  • Renaming of view tabs. “Time View” renamed to “Trend View” and “KPI View” renamed to “Goal View”.
  • New email notification. After the third instance update, “Trend View” is unlocked and this is now communicated in the instance update email notification
  • Goal View. Sponsors now have access to Goal Views, Group summary statistics, and have more efficient methods for visually tracking these goals. 
  • Trend View Sponsors and Observers can now see standard deviation ranges. Graph tooltips, axes, and legend labels have been updated to reflect individual graph templates for all users.  

Bug Fixes/Enhancements

  • Member – enhanced graphs to include unit of measure in graphs
  • All User Types – tooltip templates on Trend View graphs enhanced
  • All User Types – enhancement of tabs in mobile view to improve mobile experience
  • All User Types – modified mobile experience for Members and Sponsors, replaced tabs with drop-downs and adjusted padding to better reflect mobile experience. We still recommend that Baromitr is best experienced on desktop though!
  • Members / Sponsors – in Goal View, bug fix of template formatting rules
  • Members / Sponsors – in Goal View, bug fix to enable median visibility
  • Admin – fixed a bug which prevented ad-hoc calculation of fields containing both registered and anonymous users in external manual entry groups.

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