The Next Stage of Baromitr

The Next Stage of Baromitr


Welcome to the next stage of Baromitr.

We here at Baromitr launched six, short months ago. It was the end of 2019. A new dawn was on the horizon and the economy was red hot.

Against that backdrop, Baromitr launched.

As with any new business, especially a SaaS product business, understanding exactly what the customer wants, who the customer is and how they want to buy (the “go-to-market”) is a critical early phase of the launch process. What we have learned in six months has been extraordinary.

For those that remember our messaging and focus from the early days, we split our focus on two go-to-market paths – “public” groups and “private” groups.

This two-prong strategy had Baromitr not only building the peer benchmarking groups (a private group), but also having the responsibility to identify the metrics that matter to that industry and segment, to market to those target customers and to manage the selling process (a public group).

At the same time, we began to learn more about how Baromitr benefits our customers. Through countless pitches, conversations and phone calls, Baromitr clearly supplies two primary benefits: unlocking performance insights in communities to the benefit of the community and the capability to drive revenue if Baromitr is leveraged as a subscription product.

And our platform matured, launching countless new major features in six months: new data delivery methods (a new external survey, an enhanced manual entry and a well structured database upload feature), new role types, additional automation features to guide the data delivery process and so much more.

So by April, it became clear that our benefits messaging, our targeted customer types and our platform features had changed substantially.

The new you see here today represents that new stage of learning.

We launched:

With that, Baromitr’s story, and mission, is clearer than ever.

A special thanks to our early (high trust) customers and partners, our investors and, of course, the incredibly hard working Baromitr team!

Garrett Schemmel
Garrett Schemmel
Baromitr CEO and Founder

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