Print is declining.

Print is declining.

Events are challenged.

Events are challenged.

It's time for something new.

It's time for something new.

Baromitr enables a new revenue-generating insights product for Media that unlocks peer performance benchmarks, available nowhere else.
Baromitr Media Solutions
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Launch the Data Product You've Always Wanted

Data and software is hard. And it’s even harder if it’s not your area of expertise.
Baromitr offers a “Data Business-in-a-Box”.

Generate a New Subscription Revenue Stream

Existing media products are challenged in today’s markets.
Baromitr’s high value, subscription nature = reliable revenue

Become an Insights Leader

Reposting press releases is easy. Offering proprietary insights is not.
Baromitr enables a unique offering, not easily copied by competition

Take Your Media Company to the Next Level

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A Revenue-Generating Insights Platform for Media

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Compliance, Security and Anonymity

Baromitr was purpose-built as software to unlock peer insights. That includes critical features built around anti-trust compliance, data security and member anonymity.

Data Delivery, Transformation and Quality

Organizations rarely store data the same way or use the same naming standards. That’s why Baromitr has critical features that enable data delivery via simple survey, detailed manual entry, flat file upload and API as well as features that power data transformation and normalization.

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Clear Performance Trends and KPI Setting

With data supplied and structured, benchmark insights are delivered to members in an update frequency of your choosing. Once logged in, users see a platform that clearly and simply communicates relative performance, quickly becoming a critical source of insights to drive performance improvements in their organization.

User Management

A true software platform requires features like user management, authorization, automated notifications, billing, access controls and more. No Excel files here, just true software to make automation and scale possible.

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And we support you every step of the way

Research &

We work closely with your team to identify audience need

Build &

Baromitr handles the build of your Company’s insights product

Go-to-Market &
Customer Success

Baromitr provides website, email and overall launch support
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What kind of products can Baromitr build for you?

Financial Benchmarking

Get started with a ready-to-go Financial Benchmarking product

Key Metrics:

– Growth Trends
– Liquidity
– Operating Ratios

Compensation Benchmarking

Get started with a ready-to-go Compensation Benchmarking product

Key Metrics:

– Salary Trends
– Regional Trends
– Business Type Trends

Industry Confidence Index

Turn community sentiment into a recurring, trackable metric

Key Metrics:

– Overall Confidence
– Regional Trends
– Changes in Response

Plus Anything Else You Can Imagine

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30-Minutes Could Change the Course of Your Media Organization