All the Features to Power Benchmarking Excellence

All the Features to Power Benchmarking Excellence

Baromitr has been built from the ground up to be the best peer benchmarking software platform on the planet.

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Research & Discovery

As your relationship with Baromitr kicks off, we work with you to identify what’s in your Baromitr product, including metrics, frequency, data types and more.

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Data Security and Member Anonymity

Benchmarking Anti-Trust Compliance

Baromitr Software

Compliance, Security and Anonymity

These critical features are the foundation of a successful benchmarking software platform.

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Baromitr Software

Data Delivery, Transformation and Quality

Features that control how data is obtained, cleaned, normalized, calculated  and reviewed with an eye on quality. These features enable inter-organization benchmarking.

Survey Product Controls

Data Delivery Methods

Automated Email Notifications

Data Review Process

Taxonomical Standards

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Performance Insights, “This Instance” View

Performance Trends, Goal View

Performance Trends, Trend View

Baromitr Software

Clear Performance Trends and KPI Setting

Data has been obtained and results are in. These features make results clear for Baromitr participants and provide a path to better performance.

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Baromitr Software

User and Billing Management

Baromitr is more than a BI dashboard and data platform – it contains all features for our customers to launch true, white labeled software products.

Administrator Controls

Multiple User Roles

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Customer Onboarding

Product Marketing Support

Go-to-Market & Customer Success

As a Baromitr customer, you’re a true software “product owner”. A key part of that responsibility is making sure your new product is successful, both from a launch standpoint and from a customer adoption standpoint.

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